the brief

Blue Skies For Our Children

Honda has stepped up its CSR efforts for the emerging future. In this direction, 'Blue Skies for Our Children' is the global environmental slogan. Honda wants to pass on the joy and freedom of mobility to the next generation to realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.


Lately in the auto industry, the conversation around environment is becoming as important as performance and design. The environmental impact is being felt by car makers and buyers alike. There is a rising guilt and a sense of responsibility amongst grownups about how they are leaving the planet for children. It is widely accepted that there is a need to fundamentally adapt our technologies to offset the environmental threats that are looking us in the eye. Honda is the brand of choice for those who are conscientious about the environment and want to leave a better habitat for the next generation.

Campaign Objective:

[1] Honda wants to create awareness about 'Blue Skies For Our Children' in India.

[2] The campaign should drive overall brand connect, empathy and affinity with the brand.

Campaign Deliverable:

Use Out-Of-Home (OOH) as the center for a 360-degree campaign that also engages on digital, social, experiential and mass media. The campaign, through the use of OOH, should drive innovative conversations, experiences and interactions around 'Blue Skies For Our Children'.